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Around The World in 80 Days (Rio) ($50.00)

   Entry Level Games      Julian Recommends   

This is currently out of stock.
From Around 30 to 45 minutesFor 2 to 6 players aged from 10 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 12005OutOfPrint (In Stock: 0)
Designer(s)Michael Rieneck

Following in Jules Verne's footsteps, players wager on their ability to travel around the world in 80 days. Whoever makes it back to London with the greatest number of days left in his time bank is the winner.

On a player's turn, he chooses one of the face-up travel cards. At the end of his turn, he must decide whether or not he wishes to continue traveling to the next stop. If he wishes to continue, then he must have and discard the required travel cards. The two transportation types are trains and ships. For example, if "2 x ship" is required to travel from Suez to Bombay, then 2 ship cards must be discarded. Train cards won't help in this instance. Time is used up in the individual stages of the journey in the form of days. The amount of time used up depends on the travel cards used. Each card indicates how many days it uses up, and those days are subtracted from the player's time bank. Choosing which travel cards to use doesn't depend only on the cards, however. Each card also allows a special action to be carried out, one which can influence the overall result. Players can receive gold, travel via hot air balloon (thereby saving valuable days) and much more.

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