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"Horseless Carriage" is now in stock!
Astro Jam ($28.00)

   Science / Sci-Fi / Space      You won't find it elsewhere   

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From Around 45 minutesFor 2 to 4 players aged from 10 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 165578InPrint (In Stock: 6)

It was to be just another ordinary day at the international orbiting space station. A slight error in calculation and an errant asteroid put an end to that idyll. A deadly collision occurred...

All hands on deck! The central computer has turned on the emergency power supply and displayed a list of repair instructions. Time to act!

Manage your astronaut team, and bring all the damaged systems back into operation. Use your wit to move crates and tools. Delegate people for spacesuit duties in the cosmic void. Use robots for assistance. Do the tasks you've been assigned, or undermine the work of others! Will you succeed in planning your actions efficiently in tight claustrophobic spaces with zero gravity?

Set in outer space, Astro Jam is a fascinating game of logic for 2-4 people. The emotions that the game releases must go hand in hand with the best of your analytical thinking skills.

In Astro Jam players operate on a modular game board by playing action cards from their hands and arranging them in sequences. Using the cards, the players move their or the opponents’ astronaut tokens, use the assistance of common robots, transport crates in narrow space of the orbital station, and send themselves or other astronauts on spacesuit duty. The central computer orders tasks for the players to deliver the objects located at the station into one of three active sites crucial for the operation of the facility. In this way, the players earn points that may ensure the victory. The first player who scores 5 points wins the game.

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