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"Horseless Carriage" is now in stock!
Scheffeln ($42.00)

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From Around 20 minutesFor 2 to 7 players aged from 10 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 153144InPrint (In Stock: 4)
The Roaring Twenties were a rousing period full of opportunity. Whether the starlet in the bar around the corner, the greedy miser in the bank, or the Casanova three streets down, everyone had only one goal: to amass mountains of money, then squander it again in the most spectacular way. In Scheffeln — a German word meaning to make a lot of money — players choose characters to conduct business for them. Using your hand of cards, you move these characters to the different businesses to earn bucks in the gambling business, smuggle alcohol, or act as a film industry mogul. You can move not only your own character, but also those of your opponents to mess up their strategy. On a turn, a player has two options. Either play one of the four movement cards and move one of the eight characters, or play a card face down and take another character card from the middle of the table. Through the skillful placement of their characters, the players get money based on the street and business of their representative. And money is everything in Scheffeln! The winner is determined after one of the business spaces is empty of money. Also included is the variant Speed Scheffeln. Up to 7 players may compete. 7 movement cards are revealed and players must determine, as fast as possible, which character will earn the most money after the movement cards are evaluated. Think quickly, and you'll be able to choose the best character. Too slow, and you'll be stuck picking from the leftovers!
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