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I am stock clearing, so I am having an "instead of CanCon" sale. All prices listed are 10% off their usual price.
I hope there are no bugs in this. Not tried it before, so bear with any mistakes please.
Duke, The: Arthuruan Legends expansion ($16.20)
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This is currently in stock.
From Around 30 minutesFor 2 players aged from 13 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 0InPrint (In Stock: 1)

This expansion to the The Duke core game, adds the atmosphere of the Arthurian mythology, while still maintaining the the major goal of the game, which is to capture the opponent's Duke tile. However, with this expansion the actual Duke tiles are replaced by the opposing characters of Arthur and Mordred. It introduces seven mythical figures taken from the Arthurian legends and stories, as well as a new terrain tile.

1. Arthur
2. Merlin
3. Lancelot
4. Guinevere
5. Perceval
6. Morgana
7. Mordred
8. Camelot/Fort

This expansion does make some modifications to the starting tile set, including the creation of asymmetrical opposing forces. It also provides one alternate playing scenario for the game using the expansion tiles.

When using The Duke: Arthurian Legends Expansion you replace the following tiles in the core game:

Arthur = Light Stained Duke
Merlin = Light Stained Wizard
Lancelot = Light Stained Champion
Guinevere = Light Stained Duchess
Perceval = Light Stained Assassin
Morgana = Dark Stained Duke
Mordred = Dark Stained Duchess

The rulebook for this expansion provides one alternate playing scenario to incorporate these tiles and the Camelot tile into the game. This alternate playing scenario gives the player special advantages whenever their Arthurian tiles are moved into or out of Camelot while its on the board.

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