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For July only, if there is room in your parcel & the order takes my fancy, I will be adding a free gift.
It may be big or small, as long as it won't increase the postage cost for me
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Woodlouse Chaos ($20.00)
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From Around 10 to 20 minutesFor 2 to 6 players aged from 6 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 165796InPrint (In Stock: 5)

In Assel Schlamassel, a.k.a. "Woodlouse Chaos", players need to know their bugs as well as how many bugs are bugging them!

Each player starts with three cards in their scoring pile. Each card is one of four types of gross animal, with 1-5 of these animals on each card. One sequencing card for each animal is laid in a row.

A deck with 15-18 cards is placed in the center of the table, and players take turns drawing a card and trying to communicate to the other players which animal and how many of this animal are on the card. To do this, they clap their hands one time for each animal, and they slap the table a number of times equal to the animal's place in the sequencing row — but they don't want to do this too clearly because for each incorrect guess by an opponent, that opponent must give the clue-giver a card from his scoring pile. Whoever guesses correctly claims the card, and whoever has the most cards in scoring pile once the deck runs out wins.

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