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I am stock clearing, so I am having an "instead of CanCon" sale. All prices listed are 10% off their usual price.
I hope there are no bugs in this. Not tried it before, so bear with any mistakes please.
Evo ($63.00)
This is currently out of stock.
From Around 60 minutesFor 2 to 5 players aged from 14 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 0InPrint (In Stock: 0)

In Evo, you play a nomadic people in symbiosis with a primitive reptilian species. You travel the wild open spaces of Kumgath with your mounts, you will use your knowledge of biology to help them adapt and succeed against both the hostile and changing climate and other competing species.

Technically, you will earn mutation points during the course of the game. The player with the most at the end of the game is the winner.

Changes in this edition:
1) initiative is based on bidding position for the mutation/adaptation genes, and tails have been done away;
2) climate change is based on a token draw instead of a die roll;
3) combat die is no longer a regular D6, but has symbols which serves approximately the same odds as before;
4) there is a 1-in-6 chance for a stalemate, otherwise depending on the difference in horns, the defender will have a dinosaur removed from the board; the attacker dinosaur can never die
5) evolution occurs after climate change now, instead of later in the turn;
6) there are 12x climate tokens, delineating strictly 9 to 11 turns, with the a game-ending "meteor" event occurring in one of the last three climate tokens;
7) players only have 8x dinosaurs max, while the older game had 10x wooden disks;
8) there are 12x new "special" genes, 8x of which are mixed in with the regular genes, each having a unique power/ability, such as flying or amphibious movement, chameleon capability for defense, or ability to predict the future climate;
9) one event card is available each turn during bidding, with "number of players minus one" genes pulled out of the bag; winning the event card will give the player first initiative, only modified by number of dinosaurs on the board.

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